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Timothy Vasko
Founder Technical Architect & Strategy
1to1Core, Finaeos, eHealthGlobal
Education and Teaching:
Bachelor of Science Business,
University of Colorado

Master of Business Administration,
University of Denver MIT Fintech Certification

Founding Faculty Member: University of Victoria School of Entrepreneurship

Professor: Business Entrepreneurship, Finance & Information Technology, University of Victoria

Professor: International MBA Cohort China, Royal Roads University

Graduate and Capstone Leader - MIT Fintech
Tim has over 30 years of experience in business, technology and entrepreneurship in key industries, including the financial services sector, real estate investment, mortgage banking, technology, healthcare, oil and gas and marketing.

Tim served as a professor and one of the founding members of the Entrepreneurship program and Faculty of Business at the University of Victoria. He wrote the AMIT course for Business Operations Technology. He also served as a professor for International MBAs from China at Royal Roads University.

During the early days of the International Pharmacy trade between the Canada and the US, and of the internet, Tim formed the first and only online pharmacy fill ship and bill platform, 1to1Pharmacy and 1to1MD.

Throughout the period of 2003 – 2008 Tim formed RealeStock, which created more than $1Billion in gross market revenues for global real estate projects. RealeStock provided the key platform for brands such as Sotheby’s, The Four Seasons Residences, and Ritz Carlton Residences. During this period, Tim and RealeStock were recognized as leaders in their field by the Robb Report, Time Magazine, as well as other publications.

Tim is a philanthropist, contributing to the Make A Wish Foundation, local charities and schools, and the WADEM (World Association for Emergency Mass Gathering Medicine) initiative for mass gathering emergency and disaster health care.
Public speaking: Tim has spoken at widely attended events internationally, including the Microsoft World Partners Conference, Research in Motion (Blackberry) Conference in Europe, The Canadian Government Health and Technology Annual Conference in Ottawa, at the British Columbia Legislature on Health Care IT Infrastructure, as well as the International Information Technology Conference in Central America, Rob Report, Quark, Sothebys International Realestate, University of Victoria Key Note Faculty of Business, Finovate Silicon Valley, FinDevr Silicon Valley, Microsoft and Government of British Columbia Roundtable

Tim is an innovator. His was granted a patent in 2015 for his innovation in Virtual Space technology for the Cloud.

Tim is the author of BIPED® Business in Process Enterprise Design published, 2005. He is a devoted author and journalist, with several manuscripts in the works, as well as a keen reader of western and eastern philosophy, and literature.

Tim speaks limited Mandarin, and has circumnavigated the globe several times for both business and pleasure.

Tim is also an outdoor enthusiast; he is a sailor, skier, river and ocean paddler, and mountain climber. He has scaled the highest active volcano in the world, located in Ecuador, is an avid sailor, paddle border, occasional fisherman, and plays the guitar and piano.

Most importantly, Tim is married and the father of five amazing children.

“In order to be old and wise,
You have to be young and stupid first.”


“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

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