Tim Vasko

Founder, Inventor, Author, Pioneer
Creator of Finaeos Fintech Platform
Blockcerts Blockchain



Tim Vasko

Founder, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Creator of the Virtual Hub, Blockcerts Blockchain


The Five Foundations of our Future


How the technology we use every day, on screens from laptops to mobile, have formed entirely new social expectation and world order.


Global reach, security and transparency made accessible anywhere ‘technology is flat’ barriers to entry are evaporating in the clouds.


We are in an era of extreme collaboration - the “wisdom of the crowd” builds the code for trust in relationships.


I invented private interactive ‘Nodes’ to create “secure virtual spaces” these are critical building blocks for rapid design and scale of an ecosystem for virtual interaction. Process

Supply Chain

From blockchain to AI – we are seeing the process flow between human intelligence and machine learning. New insights and opportunities for ever improving Ways to process life.

A little about Tim Vasko...

Tim Vasko is Founder & CEO of Finaeos, the Fintech Platform of Platforms Company, based in Victoria British Columbia. Tim was a Professor at the University of Victoria, a Founding member of the Entrepreneurship Program at the Faculty of Business. His research in the late 1990’s lead Tim to establish a software company based on building solutions “Open Structure Organization… on the internet for data and function” – Tim first companies and projects were “Cloud” pioneers, participating in beta projects, such as the early days of Google AdWords.

For more than a decade, Tim lead teams to create the 1to1Core technology stack from his headquarters in Victoria BC. Tim’s cloud software platforms have been designed for rapid development & cost effective deployment in compliance based, complex industries, ranging from eHealth to financial markets. Tim’s eHealth application models were instrumental in assisting the Alberta Government establish new legislation and operating requirements, in the mid 2000’s in the use of eHealth technology for the Province.

Tim is an inventor with patents on the critical functions required to bring rapid deployments, for portals on the cloud, in complex services and transactions. Under Tim’s leadership, more than 1.5 million man hours have been invested to develop the 1to1Core platform, with functions derived from sectors ranging from eHealth to financial markets, including solutions for equity and debt, real estate and corporate finance.

In 2015 Tim founded Finaeos specifically to create a platform for Fintech that would provide a full stack of functions to innovators, developers and platform builders for the emerging ecosystem – what Tim calls this the Five Functions of Fintech.

In 2016 Microsoft provided sponsorship support to enable the porting of the entire platform to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This has enabled Finaeos the scale the Finaeos Fintech Node, and Core platform as a solution, for any size company, and to reach global development teams.

In the fall of 2016, Tim brought the Finaeos platform through MIT Fintech, successfully leading a capstone team to extend the position of Finaeos as a cloud platform.

In 2018 Tim and his development team created a World’s first in the Blockchain world. Working with 150 talented developers from around the globe for over 4 years, a new Blockchain for business was born called BlockCerts Blockchain. BlockCerts created an onramp for businesses to access the benefits of the blockchain, along with the tools for Use Cases to harness the power of the blockchain through over 400 plugins.

In the fall of 2018, a highly anticipated introduction of another blockchain first, BCERTin, an application layer and app providing a plug and go blockchain SaaS solution for businesses to provide smart contracts and many other secure services.

A very interesting idea has been put forward that could have a positive impact on society.” - MIT

Tim lives in Victoria BC, with his wife and children. He is the father of five, an avid sailor, skier and outdoorsman who loves to experience the ocean, the mountains and British Columbia with his family, friends, and fellow adventurers.