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We blindly operated in the digital world of the past riddled with hidden dangers. Authenticated users, provided with private keys, will bring trust to the new ecosystem.


Global reach, security, tracking, and transparency are now available to everyone, everywhere, through Web 4.0.


Now privacy is controlled by the user, not by the big conglomerates. In a new era of extreme collaboration - the “wisdom of the crowd” builds the code for trust in relationships.


By inventing private interactive ‘Nodes’ to create “secure virtual spaces”, we now have the critical building blocks for rapid design and scale of an ecosystem for virtual interaction.


From blockchain to AI – we are seeing the process flow between human intelligence and machine learning. We now have new insights and opportunities for ever-improving ways to process life.

" A very interesting idea has been put forward that could have a positive impact on society "

Contracts that Become Smart

Who uses a folded-out map while driving when Waze or Google Maps will guide your way? SignCERTin Smart Contracts are a breakthrough leaving e-Sign, and paper contracts in the rearview mirror.

SignCERTin is the first smart contract streaming service powered by blockchain. It’s a new automated guidance system for new collaboration and better contractual outcomes. SignCERTin is a dynamic ecosystem within a unique secure channel for collaboration, uploading supporting documents, IM, and more. Everything is tracked from contract versions to the final signatures that are authenticated, date-stamped, time-stamped, and location stamped. From simple contracts to Wills and Estates to integrated Supply Chain Management, businesses now have a new GPS to guide their way.

Review it here: SignCERTin Smart Contract

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