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PROJECT THESIS | Six-Hundred Million New Work and Jobs For People 2035: The Global Opportunity Sustainability & Inclusion Trust Technology Project 2035



  • Oxford University Blockchain Certified
  • MIT Digital Market Analytics Certified
  • MIT Fintech Certified
  • MIT A.I. Certified
  • University of Denver MBA
  • University of Colorado BS


  • Columbia University Institute for Tele-Information
    Digital Financial Observatory
    Technology Contributor – Sponsor
  • MBA China International Cohort
    Professor: Royal Roads University
  • Founding Entrepreneur in Residence
    Advanced Management Information Technology “AMIT”
    NEXUS Canada US Cross Border Trade Conference
    Professor: University of Victoria


System and method for creating a connected market using social media interaction units and interactive process gadgets


  • Technology Cohort Advisory Panel – Canadian Technology Accelerator Ministry of Trade Boston
  • Panel Advisor on Technology And Policy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Panel Member 2018)
  • Canadian Technology Accelerators Government of Canada
  • The C100: Canadian Technology Community
Timothy Steven Vasko with Minister Justin Trudeau


  • Grant Recipient Scientific Research and Experimental Development Canada
  • Grant Recipient National Research Council Canada
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle


  • eHealth Canada “Health Made in Canada”
  • British Columbia Government Health Services Hearing
  • Keynote: Canada China Trade Conference
  • Keynote: StartUp Canada
  • Keynote: Intellectual Property International Conference
  • Finovate
  • Microsoft World Partners Conference
  • Oracle World Conference
  • Oracle Pavilion Singapore Fintech Festival
  • Oracle RegTech Fintech Symposium
  • RIM (Blackberry)
  • Quark
  • Sotheby's International
  • University of Victoria Keynote
  • CIPA
  • Quest



Integrated Secure Virtual Spaces (Patented)

Developed through 2.5 million global person hours, Tim has employed and engaged thousands of people, currently operating across five continents and 17 Countries to work virtually, collaboratively using and participating in the ownership and direction of the work platform they create for their own jobs and the technology users the platform serves.


Tim is the Founder of BlockCerts® blockchain, the decentralized cloud platform an emerging cloud framework where every user becomes a stakeholder in the BlockCerts Blockchain Cloud platform.

Tim’s platform model was granted a Patent in the United States in 2015, and in Canada in 2018. With over 2.5 million-person hours of development, that has built the platform, BlockCerts Blockchain International, at the time of this writing has become the world's first operational experiment that now spans over Five Continents and sixteen Countries by using its own fully decentralized technology. The growth of the platform is solely delivered through the Open Structure Organization model – where all current BlockCerts Team Members participate fully with wages and the internal tokens BlockCerts generates to participate in the ownership and upside opportunities as the applications are delivered.

Tim believes that the work of delivering technology, including the growth of software applications could evolve beyond “open source” to “open structure” – a model where participation is possible to enhance anyone’s work and life opportunities. BlockCerts is a combination of the vision behind Tim’s Patent. Over two decades of delivery of technology to thousands of small, medium and large operations and digital work projects across multiple sectors that have processed billions of live transactions and work for numerous organizations and people.

BlockCerts was founded in 2016 as a fully self-funded platform on blockchain. It is the world’s first cloud platform designed to be completely community-driven through the tenants of blockchain with all of the software empowering any individual, entrepreneur or business with the mission of authentication for Global Trust.Truth.Transparency certification protocol to secure technology access, data privacy, self-sovereignty and work for all people.

Tim’s entrepreneurial background spans over five decades. He grew up in the US. He became a young public company CEO and was a whistle-blower against Finova Capital during the Enron era, prior to the protection laws for disclosure by whistle-blowers enacted in the USA. Tim learned, firsthand, the devastating effects of business corruption driven by crony capitalism which drove his first endeavor an emerging multi-national and early technology company out of business. He began his research as a University Professor in the mid-1990’s and developed the model of the “Open Structure Organization” in entrepreneurship, global finance and authenticated operations.


Tim emigrated from the United States to Canada, as a single father, with his two young children. He is now the father of five children. He is an avid sailor, mountaineer, skier and outdoorsman. Tim writes philosophy and poetry, and plays (not well) the piano and guitar. Tim speaks some Spanish, Mandarin, and French.

Tim Vasko

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