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Timothy Steven Vasko with Minister Justin Trudeau

Timothy Vasko
Patent Granted 2015
Patent Pending 2018
Oxford University Blockchain Certified
MIT Fintech Certified
MIT A.I. Certified
University of Denver MBA
University of Colorado BS
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud
Canadian Technology Accelerators Government of Canada
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Canada
National Research Counsil Canada
Consulting & Speaking:
Canadian Government
BC Government
Keynote: Canada China Trade Conference
Keynote: StartUp Canada
Keynote: Intellectual Property International Conference
Keynote: FTI Money Manager Conference
Microsoft World Partners Conference
Oracle World Conference
Oracle Pavilian Singapore Fintech Festival
Oracle RegTech Fintech Symposium
RIM (Blackberry)
Sothebys International
University of Victoria Keynote

About Tim and BlockCerts

Tim is the Founder & CEO of BlockCerts blockchain, creating the first Web 4.0 platform on the planet - a new multi-trillion-dollar marketplace. The BlockCerts infrastructure fixes the many issues that Web 2.0 created, including $10.5 trillion dollars in annual fraud. Trust is created through authenticated humans and transactions - a game changer for everyone in the digital universe.

At the base layer is the patented “Secure Virtual Space Technology” with true authentication. The BlockCerts blockchain platform is the first with embedded authentication PoAW (Proof of Authority Work) protocol. The BeyonCERTs streaming applications create privacy and protect data to “Work from Anywhere”. New integrated tools change how we collaborate, track activities, create contracts, and manage globally. Streaming eliminates costs and disrupts the Silicon Valley Seat Fee Model.

Tim’s blockchain platform was granted a Patent in 2015 with one currently pending. With over 3 million manhours of development and years of proprietary software and app development, the marriage of authentication and secure transactions with streaming software provides control, protection, cost savings, and a new business model for success.

His expertise has deployed solutions with billions of ‘complex transactions’ that flow seamlessly across industry sectors that span Fintech for private and public financial markets, MedTech, InsureTech, and Real Estate and Lending. New segment customer applications for smart contracts and supply chain management span many market segments.

Tim’s entrepreneurial background spans over three decades, which led him from a young public company CEO, to research as a University Professor in the late 1990s. As a pioneer in the internet and cloud computing, he created a software company and model based on his thesis the ‘Open Structure Organization’ – that could provide global stakeholders access, trust, and authentication through technology-driven fair Trade.” Starting in 2014, Tim researched digital currencies and blockchain. He created BlockCerts in 2016 to authenticate every person and smart contract on the blockchain. He launched the first live version a year later.

Tim is a professor, holds an MBA, and has conducted research at the Ph.D. level. He is also certified in blockchain technology from both MIT and Oxford University. He has been recognized as a leader in his field by Market Watch, “Look Who’s Killing the Great Chiefs of Wall Street” and has been selected in the top 10 thought leaders by Entrepreneur Magazine “Top Lessons from Top Leaders in 2018”. In 2020, Tim was selected to join the Forbes Technology Council. In November 2021, Analytics Insight selected BlockCerts as one of “The 10 Most Innovative Blockchain Companies of the Year”.

The BlockCerts: The Blockchain for Real Business

BlockCerts is leading a technological renaissance, making the web a safe place to do business again through Web 4.0. There are three elements creating a new way to work: 1). It starts with the ORBITi private browser giving the user control of who sees or tracks their data. 2). The BlockCertsAI wallet secures the user’s authentication, vault, and private cloud to secure privacy and eliminate fraud. 3). BlockCertsAI Apps stream the mission-critical tools to collaborate, track, and run all mission-critical operations from webinars to smart contracts and operations globally.

Mid-sized and Enterprise businesses experience new business models through tailored use cases that eliminate paperwork, and administration costs, streamline efficiencies, catapult productivity, track supply chains in real-time, and create the ability to manage a global business through a smartphone.

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BlockCerts is making global trusted collaboration accessible to all purpose-driven people and organizations through transformative technologies. By unlocking the potential of blockchain, BlockCerts is eliminating exclusion and confusion with smart contracts and transactions through inclusion, access, and collaboration globally. Encrypted and secure, smarter contracts will protect people, businesses, and governments.

BlockCerts Smart Contracts will create incredible efficiencies, saving time, and costs, and storing an immutable record, which is accessible to anyone with token key access. From simple agreements, and quick authentication, to complex supply chains, smart contracts are the next frontier, like the internet was in its day, to transform businesses, organizations, and governments. For a Tailored Use Case – Click Here to Contact Us »

For Home or Small Business: get started by downloading your Free ORBITi Browser to control your privacy, and eliminate phishing and spoofing attacks. And then follow the prompts to download your BlockCertsAI Free Wallet, select your Web 4.0 Domain, and start using the suite of blockchain BlockCertsAI streaming software – Click Here »
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