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Credence Code Technologies to Raise Price of Offering March 23 2018

Published: Sep 27, 2018

Rehoboth Beach, DE. March 12, 2018 Credence Code Technologies, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, has announced that the price of future BCERTS blockchain tokens that the company is offering to accredited investors will double in price effective March 24, 2018… “We are seeing increasing demand in our tokens from both investors and companies that desire a blockchain solution,” stated Credence Code president Robert Gerrard. “When companies learn about our streaming transaction solution, they instantly realize that this is going to change how business is done – without changing how they do business!” Credence Code is the exclusive distributor and marketing agent in North America for BlockCerts International a global blockchain company. With a smart contract platform technology, BlockCerts enables businesses to put the transparency, immutability and cost effectiveness of blockchain to work. “Businesses are just beginning to realize that a major shift in technology is happening today. Just as streaming video killed the Blockbuster Video business model, streaming transactions are poised to do the same with traditional email, file transfer, document signing, and more. Businesses will still conduct their daily business in virtually the same way, but now they can do everything from one portal – and do it on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop from anywhere,” Mr. Gerrard continued. Investors interested in receiving information about the pre-sale are encouraged to visit or and register for more information. All investors in the pre-sale must be verified as accredited investors. Contact: Jay Goth, Director of Business Development (833) 273-3362 Ext. 113

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