Accurate information and the efficient marketplace

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on June 23, 2010
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This blog talks a lot about the Connected Market Space - a marketplace state we can get to when accurate and relevant information flows between all parties, enabling everyone to efficiently access to the information they want and need. Today, we have created some of the capability to create the Connected Market Space with the way technology is evolving and how we use it. However, we have also realized that not all markets or marketplace endeavors are so noble as to efficiently deliver accurate information to us. Often, accurate information is the most difficult thing to acquire because there is too much information - mostly about things we don't want or need to know to make our decisions. That said, today, there are emerging filters for true voices and targeted, personalized information models emerging daily. Things we can easily adopt and opt in and out of - these are the gateways to getting truly connected. Remember - you're in the Connected Market Space if:

  • Everyone knows more about each other
  • Everyone trusts each other
  • Everyone can carry on a conversation
  • Everyone can complete a transaction safely
  • Everyone has accurate information

The first four points rest on the last one - you know more, you trust more, you talk more and you buy more if you have accurate information (not just marketing rhetoric or hype.)

So, when these five elements listed above all come into play, through an efficient process, that the result is a positive outcome and a Connected Market Space for everyone. Of course, the more complicated the transaction, the bigger the decision and investment on both sides, the higher the stakes, the more important this process, this "Conversation Market" becomes as we become more connected.

Tim Vasko

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