BlockCerts INK Offers a Revolutionary Approach To Software And Technology Use: By creating a better value compared to traditional license fee models of SaaS companies.

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on November 07, 2023
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This innovative system decouples transaction costs from speculation and mining, providing a more secure and transparent digital experience. Let’s explore how BlockCerts INK achieves this and the benefits it brings.

Firstly, BlockCerts INK eliminates the problems associated with the GAS to Price ratio and speculation volumes seen on platforms like Ethereum. By decoupling transaction costs from speculation and mining, BlockCerts ensures that users are not burdened with excessive fees and unpredictable pricing. This creates a more stable and predictable environment for software and technology use.

Additionally, BlockCerts INK removes the traditional “pay for the functions” fees of SaaS and Cloud companies. Instead, users support the costs of transactions and maintain their costs through NODES as the networks grow. This decentralized approach empowers users and eliminates the need for centralized companies to impose paywalls, license fees, and data storage and access fees. Users have more control over their data and can avoid the hassle of transferring licenses or data when expanding or selling their businesses.

For businesses, especially in today’s digital landscape, having full authority and control over customer, team, and document data is crucial. With BlockCerts INK, business owners can have complete control over their data and the tools required to use them. They can open new divisions, expand into new areas, or even sell their businesses without the need to involve software vendors or transfer licenses. This level of autonomy and flexibility is a significant advantage for businesses using BlockCerts INK.

Moreover, BlockCerts INK allows business owners to create their Tokens for credits and cash. Vendor credit is often an overlooked aspect of business, but it plays a vital role in driving business models and flows. With BlockCerts, businesses can set up credit accounts or borrowing accounts for INK, similar to how they extend or receive credit from vendors. This feature enables businesses to manage their finances more efficiently and leverage their INK tokens for various purposes.

In terms of pricing, BlockCerts INK puts the power in the hands of the Token Holder community. As the community grows, both users and reward earners benefit, similar to how tech companies have experienced exponential growth as their user bases soared. This community-driven approach ensures that the value of INK tokens increases over time, providing users with a better return on their investment.

Furthermore, owning a BlockCerts INK token is different from a traditional software license. When you own an INK token, you have complete ownership and control over it. You can transfer it with 100% ownership or sell it as you see fit. This level of ownership and flexibility is a significant advantage over traditional license fee models, where users are often tied to specific vendors and limited in their options.

In summary, BlockCerts INK creates a better value for software and technology use compared to traditional license fee models of SaaS companies. It eliminates excessive fees, provides stability and predictability, empowers users with control over their data, and allows businesses to manage their finances more efficiently.

With a community-driven approach and the ability to transfer or sell tokens, BlockCerts INK offers a safer, more secure, and transparent digital experience.

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