How BCERT Tokens turn your cloud cost center into a valuable asset

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on August 23, 2022

How BCERT Tokens turn your cloud cost center into a valuable asset

BCERT Tokens are a type of asset that come with a built-in budget. This means you have unlimited use of new cloud technology, without having to worry about license fees from centralized software companies. Now you're in control!

There are a few ways to set budgets for businesses. For example, Google AdWords lets you control how much money you spend on marketing. Pre-paid mobile accounts let you control how much money you spend on phone bills. And pre-paid credit cards and specialty cards like fleet cards used for trucking and vehicles let businesses set and budget fuel costs. Another way to set a budget is by using Business Credit card limits which let companies control expense allowances.

Unfortunately, this model has never existed for your technology platforms. No matter how much money you have, you are forced to pay the prices set by the companies that own the technology. This is because these companies are the only ones who can set the prices (unlimited pricing for traditional cloud services). This can lead to a lot of pain since you might have to pay more than you want or can afford.

What can you get for $10 anymore?

With a BCERT Token, the natural price for the entire platform is set to a minimum of 1 BCERT Token. That is pegged to $10.00 USD (more about how economic price fluctuations and pegging can be found here). You set the budget. You control the costs. You hold the keys with no locked-in contracts or lock-outs from your data or software ever! You are fully in control and can budget accordingly.

So, in REAL financial terms, you can rely on a budget of no more than $10.

The BCERT Token is a lot like Google's "AdWords" and Mobile phone companies' "Data Plans." BCERT Tokens let you cover the costs of running your business. You can use as many or as few BCERT Tokens as you want. And you never have to worry about hidden fees or losing access to your technology.

This means that the simple way to budget and set your technology usage is to figure out how much you can do for $10 or more, and then never go over that limit!

Budget, power and control over costs

If you use up all of your compute power, you can still access storage. However, some of the compute functions will need more INK. You can then easily:

  1. Set up a budget and auto-renewal
  2. Have a plan that tops up – and get Alerts that your usage is rising*

NOTE: If it is rising because your market and revenues are growing it is GREAT thing – you’re reminded to look!

The BCERT Token gives you more control over your technology financial model and cloud and software models. You don't have to worry about unpredictable license fees or development firms that charge by the hour. This puts cloud and software technology financial models completely under your control.

You can always have access and manage your costs and budgets to match your scale!

This is something you cannot do when a centralized company sets prices and forces you to enter fixed term contracts in order to get a discount. In addition, some companies make you buy 5 licensed seats in order to get 1 or 2 more users to access the software.

BCERT Tokens give you control

BCERT Tokens can be used to turn your private BlockCerts cloud into an asset. Why? Because BCERT Tokens can be held, stored, used, traded, sold, lent to others.

A BCERT Token is needed to access the BlockCerts Blockchain. They are what you need to authenticate and record transactions. They are also a unit of value. This is like having a license to your business technology that you fully control.

Microsoft controls the licenses to MS Office 365. Salesforce controls the license to their tools – and charges what ever they wish. Your company can not sell or “transfer” the licenses of these third-party companies. Their licenses are their assets (and they hold all of your data).

With BCERT Tokens, you hold the assets and control all of your data.

Cloud-based technologies come with restrictive license terms that are hidden in the legal contract you agree to when you use them. If you're not careful, your company can be at risk because of these licenses. To learn more, read this article about Salesforce licenses.

Sales Force

The unlimited risks a business faces with Salesforce license pricing are clear, and have been felt by businesses according the article referenced above.

Sales Force

Sales Force

Your subscription price can significantly increase on renewal. 

This is spelled out in Salesforce’s agreement under section 11.2, “Term of Purchased Subscriptions”:

“Except as expressly provided in the applicable Order Form, renewal of promotional or one-time priced subscriptions will be at SFDC’s applicable list price in effect at the time of the applicable renewal.”

Sales Cloud Pricing

BCERT Tokens give you control over your cloud. You can hold them, sell them, or trade them however you want. You have complete control over your future!

This is what is important about decentralized BlockCerts Web 4.0 – you have control over your financial technology future, your data, and your access. You hold BCERT Tokens, which give you power over what happens. You decide how to use them. You are not at the mercy of a centralized authority like Salesforce, Microsoft, Zoom, DocuSign or Slack.

When you think about the future of technology, do you think it will be more private and secure, or less? When you want your business to grow or be worth more money if you sell it, is it better to have an asset like technology that is under your control, or something that is a cost center and can't easily be transferred if you want to sell part of your business?

Most businesses today use technology in one way or another. Technology is essential for most companies to run smoothly. Your technology could be very important to your company. Today, with BCERT Tokens you can control this valuable asset.

To learn more about BCERT Tokens, decentralized cloud control and the power of the BlockCerts Blockchain and your own Private Cloud on Web 4.0, visit

BlockCerts makes technology more private and secure. This helps businesses have a more stable cloud economy and create a better business and work environment. Technology that is accessible and affordable allows more people to use it, which improves business access to human resources and improves their quality of life.

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