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Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on November 06, 2006
Category: TechnEnomics TM

Today we are launching CMAEON - the Connected Market Enterprise On-Demand. Recently I found out how "Connected" we are in the world of business with and for our clients.

We have a huge responsibility to help our clients when they need to keep going - even when massive changes hit them like tsunamis in their business. This week we've had a few clients who have had major shifts, like a 7.5 in seismic activity in their markets. Since we are not your "typical" software company selling a platform and hitting the road, we feel the tremors, we are on board to whether the storm and help keep the sails full and ship moving and on course.

This is our business and our commitment. Sometimes it's trying, sometimes it's rewarding, it is always challenging. After this summer of beautiful full sails on my boat for many days this summer; where I had a chance to glance at many a horizon and reflect on the beautiful sunset over the seas, gazing at painted skys, I realized that the Connected Market Space we create for today's business is so much like finding the smooth sailing, perfect winds on the open seas we aim for.

As a mariner, I am constantly checking the weather, the currents and tides as they shift as the measure of what the weather and oceans will hold for the journey. Even though the oceans may be stormy and the rain can come crashing down, it's somehow refreshing to know that as I sail on, committed to reaching a new port, I can navigate storms and find the markers on the seas of change.

So much like the solutions we provide for our clients when their seas turn stormy. Every variable matters as we help set the course that takes them forward; we are their crew and their full sails, always seeking the way to blue oceans of opportunity aboard as our clients plot their way.

What I do when I sail, is much like what we do in the Connected Market Space On-Demand - the ocean is always on-demand and always connected, as are the needs of our clients and the markets today!

Smooth seas and smooth sailing!

Tim Vasko

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