Another one bites the dust: the 5 top mistakes that keep developers from selling their properties today (part 5 of 5).

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on June 18, 2009
Category: Real Estate

Over the last four days, I've talked about the dangers of developers and sales people "knowing too much" and thus not doing the jobs they should be doing. Yesterday, I spoke about what can happen when a Print Media Expert is hired to do an Online Media Expert's job. Today, I'm going to switch gears a bit, though, and wrap up this week with one of the biggest mistakes I see developers making today.

Mistake #5 - Waiting for the Market to "Come Back". The market is ripe for buyers right now. The main mistake developers make is they are waiting for the "market to come back" while at this very moment discerning buyers are looking hard at where they will buy.

Again, we should return to the previous four I've already described. Developers have been have been trained to believe that "marketing is too expensive to not get results." However, they have little experience at incubating the Connected Market to get their project and leads informed and warmed up to one another. Fostering a lead list, incubating the leads, getting people to know their project, is just logical. This doesn't come about by experimenting with PR or taking on every responsibility that a successful project requires. No, it comes about by getting and staying Connected in the new Connected Market.

People aren't panic buying any longer. They are smart, investigative shoppers. They want information - the information they need to make a decision. They are willing to buy if they feel they will get value in what they are investing in, and if they understand that value to be strong, all in a place they want to live. Value is not the same as price. People will pay more to live where they want to live. The Great developers have always understood the importance of making a home a wonderful place to live, before it ever existed.

For buyers, the web and a logical approach have made finding and investing in a home is now a more financially measurable and sound business decision than ever before. For a few hundred or thousand dollars a month a logical, incubation strategy that builds a buyers base is more than possible, and quite simply a better strategy than dumping tens or hundreds of thousands on a print media campaign

These are the top 5 mistakes a developer makes. Stop making the mistake, get into the Connected Market Space and start incubating the future success of your business today - the sales will come at prices that make Developers glad they are in the business.

Tim Vasko

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