"Bing"-dong! The connected market space: the world is knocking @ the front door - here comes relevant information

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on June 21, 2009
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In 1997 (Wow! Thirteen years ago - time flies when you're thinking), while I was a full time Professor at the University of Victoria - I wrote and published a small paper called Technomics: How Access to Information Will Change Global Business. That was before the term "search engines" was part of common, everyday discourse (and before Google was even a company).

Here we are, way after the turn of the millennium, 2009, and what was my dream in 1997 - The Connected Market Space - has become a reality with our flagship site,

RealEstock is a vertical "space" for global real estate, which enables both information and transaction processing. After 10 years of research and programming development, we have launched RealEstock for the global real estate market. With search, auctions, communities, and a transaction tool, RealEstock instantly connects real estate buyers with agents and sellers.

The "big dogs" are now ready to get more focused information in the Technomic revolution - take Microsoft's "" already grabbing market share from behemoth Google. Launched May 28th - Microsoft claims "Bing" to be a "Decision Engine" with buzz phrases like:

  • "Bing is a decision engine"
  • "Rather than spitting our results with search overload"
  • "Results are organized into logical Categories"
  • "Simple, Organized and Consistent"
  • "Take guesswork out of decisions"
  • "Save time and money"

Yes! Finally, someone else gets it! Information is only as good as what you can do with it! Good work Microsoft.

Now, if only you could connect to the transaction, bid on exactly what you want, talk to a real person for assistance (since computers can't do everything yet), and tell the world what you think in a community forum... Oh wait, you can!

The RealEstock Connected Market Space for Global Real Estate does all of this and more - where over $1 Billion of real estate has already been "Connected" to buyers and sellers globally.

And, it appears the search engine markets are ready with "Bing" hitting the scene - hat's off Microsoft - competition drives innovation!

The economy is ready for real estate, buyers and sellers alike.

Are you?

Check out and the new RealEstock Online Auctions - Get Connected to the sellers globally for the best real estate buyers market in history.

I'd like to hear your comments - what do you think about the Connected Market Space revolution?

PS: Coming soon -- Watch for another impressive and exciting Connected Market Space for Health Care this fall from CMAEON - the creators of the Connected Market Space!

Tim Vasko

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