Bravo a quote I just received from another innovator ... A year of silence broken

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on January 15, 2008
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After a year of "quiet perseverance and thought" - a period in my personal and professional life that has compelled me to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself - readying for a major launch of our latest innovations - I just received this quote and excerpt today from another forward thinker in a business out to change the world for the better.

In the last year I have decided to just do what my Dad always told me "...Shut up! And get the job done...."

I've passed these words of wisdom on to my five kids (ok, well not my newest 5 month old...) in this way - "...Show Me Don't Tell Me"

Thanks Dad ... No matter how you say it, Action is what counts ... so BRAVO my new friend Jay - and thanks for the inspirational quote today:

"When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong...Washington, Adams, Paine--these were the rebels of their day. At first they were opposed by the people and denounced by the press. You can remember that it was Franklin who said to his compeers, 'We have now to hang together or we'll hang separately bye and bye.' And if the Revolution had failed, the revolutionary fathers would have been executed as felons. But it did not fail. Revolutions have a habit of succeeding, when the time comes for them. The revolutionary forefathers were opposed to the form of government in their day. They were denounced, they were condemned. But they had the moral courage to stand erect and defy all the storms of detraction; and that is why they are in history, and that is why the great respectable majority of their day sleep in forgotten graves. The world does not know they ever lived." Eugene Debs

Watch out world - here we come - count down to February 14, 2008 ... stay tuned.

Tim Vasko

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