Crm3: what makes a CRM solution work!

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on June 16, 2010
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In past couple of weeks, this blog has talked a lot about how CRM can go bad. If your business has a CRM system that focuses only on features, and not actually connecting you to your customers, you have bad CRM. It's likely wasting your time and money and failing to achieve its objectives. So what is good CRM? We invented CRM3: a system that connects, completes and continues the relationships; handles requests, revisits and relates with customers; and manages, markets and messages for you. Why? CRM3 is a powerful tool for businesses to help them find their missing connections. So ask yourself:

Do we have the three C's covered?
  • Are you connecting to your market on their terms, not yours?
  • Are you completing a dialogue - real time and delivering information - on their terms, not yours?
  • Are you continuing the relationship - real time, giving them service and products and answers - on their terms, not yours?
All three R's covered?
  • Are you answering requests real time, whether you are talking or not - on their terms not yours?
  • Are you revisiting clients after you've provided the requested information?
  • Are you relating to their concerns, opportunities and needs - theirs, not yours?
And all three M's covered?
  • Are you managing this process?
  • Are you marketing that you have a process and using it?
  • And are you measuring your effectiveness across all of your communications (advertising, AdWords, web sites, real lead capture, customer and lead interactions, social networks and the good ol' sales force tools - telephones and email)?
If you can't answer yes to all these questions, then you are not really in the game at all. In order to join the Connected Market Space as it is today, you'll need the right tools to manage your leads and turn them into loyal customers. That's what we do at the Connected Market Space. Still want to know how? Ask us.
Tim Vasko

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