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Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on September 28, 2010
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Do you suffer from MBI - Management by Inbox? Are you addicted to your inbox, or are you tethered to it like a wild horse that wants to run free, but can't.


What could you do with your business if you could escape the inbox? You might be more creative. You'd probably have more free time. You'd defiantly find that when it stopped pinging you with constant reminders about something to be done, someone to talk to, or something to respond to, you'd get back to the business of actually running your business! In 1993 AOL developed the inbox and it hasn't stopped creeping in on our lives and cluttering our days, evenings and weekends since. Each message is urgent right?


NO! The problem is that checking it is such a habit now, we feel like we MUST respond. Are you inbox dependent?
  • When you wake up in the morning do you just go straight to your iPhone, BlackBerry or computer?
  • Would forgetting your phone at home give you more jitters than missing your caffeine fix?
  • Do you send your staff, customers and prospects constant emails - then review the "sent box" to see what you've been doing to manage your business?
If those questions rang a little"¦ too true, you're probably an inbox junkie, and it's probably a good bet that your mind and business is cluttered. You're likely a "pusher" of the inbox drug in your business as well. The problem with MBI is that email isn't very well organized. Living with MBI means it's hard to manage tasks (even with advanced "Outlook Rules"), impossible to find things and incredibly distracting!


Is there a better way? I've spent a solid ten years of my life trying to get out of the inbox in my company and with our tools. I am very PLEASED to say YES! This week we released 1to1REAL with advanced business processes that can get you out of the inbox and back into your best business practices. I believe that you should model what makes your business unique - your processes and what you do best - and let your staff, support you and your customers by following your lead.


The mark of true leadership is setting the bar and expectations while walking your own talk! So, why not let technology do some of that walking for you? Take the best of the best of what you do and share it. Email isn't designed to do that, but if you create a best practice process - even just one, you'll be amazed how easy it is to avoid distraction and start transforming - getting new business and traction.


I'll be doing a series on business process design on our newly launched blog - so subscribe to the feed and watch for some exciting new ways to transform your business (and take back your evenings and weekends). Believe me, everyone from your staff to your wife, partner and kids will thank you - and you'll start eliminating the stress of wearing too many hats and getting TOO much information with at buzz or a beep!!
Tim Vasko

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