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Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on September 02, 2009
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In the last three weeks I've covered the ground from West to East across Europe - on the hunt for depressed economic conditions. They seem to be more rare than the sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. From London to Paris to Budapest - Piccadilly to the Champs Elysees - and East to Andrassy Avenue in Budapest - the crowds fill shop floors and business workers I've spoken with say " is good..."

What struck me was the numbers of people traveling and buying. The other thing that was apparent is whether you're used to walking down (or shopping - not my favorite pass time - but I do like to walk in and see the business models) New York's 5th Avenue or Robson Street in Vancouver, the main stay stores are all broadly distributed across these European Cities.

In my estimation, this is the "grass roots" recovery - where consumer confidence is voted by the ringing of cash registers and count of shopping bags.

What's different? US Media reported loosing $10 Billion last year - while online media companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Face Book all contemplate how to take on the new role of media and get "content" that is relevant.

There has never been a more clear Connected Market than what we're witnessing today. With online media and content driven by users and giants alike - and distribution channels boasting globalized brands shipping to markets all over the world, the connections are inseparable. The evolution of The Connected Market Space is obvious in the main stream retail and media - the Connected Market Space emergence for entrepreneurs is coming fast for those ready with the recovery here.

Information moves fast - the world is connected. Financing is returning to the scene. From retail to real estate - the market is on the move - I give it 18 - 24 months before the "window of opportunity" closes by the "smart money".

Heading back in a couple of days - with a lot of insight from the world scene.


Tim Vasko

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