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Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on March 19, 2009
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In the last few posts I've been talking about "Smarter Marketing" - which is why we call "Smart Marketing" in The Connected Market Space iQ3. I talk about it here on my Video.

Leads are about (1) Quantity, which is the aggregation or volume game - in essence, making sure you are as visible as possible throughout the web to bring in a large volume of leads.

Next, drilling down to (2) Quality. Are these leads truly potential buyers? Are they looking for the products or services your business offers? If so, is your information and offer compelling enough for them to move to the third, critical aspect?

(3) Qualified - where the leads have become a prospect ready, willing and able to "connect" with a check.

Let's face it, this is all an exercise of buyers and sellers getting to know one another until money changes hands. That's where the REAL "relationship" begins - which is why we call our connected market space CRM 1to1REAL. Up until the point of the buyer / seller transaction, it's just dating.

I had this come in from Marketing Sherpa - The facts speak for themselves. As the Marketing Sherpa folks say:

SUMMARY: The call from the sales force is not "Give us more leads," it's "Give us better leads." Marketing is aware of this issue, as this chart shows, and is responding to the challenge.

Most Significant Challenges for B2B Marketers to Overcome Today

_Image here__

We've been working on The Connected Market Space for 10 years to create the perfect "holy grail" of relationship based lead generation, or Conversation Marketing TM. And our tools are filling the bill for businesses looking for solutions across industries.

Heading overseas for a few weeks to see how the UK and EU are doing in the world of The Connected Market Space.

Cheers Tim

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