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Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on July 09, 2012
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This July, I've been traveling- a lot !

I'm in Toronto at the moment, at the Microsoft WPC (World Partner Conference) 2012, along with "16,000 of Steve Balmer's closest friends..." as the CEO of Microsoft put it in his Keynote address this morning. The Air Canada Convention Centre and subways of the Toronto Metro are a far cry from the Haro Strait I was sailing upon yesterday. As our sailboat glided along calm waters, crossing the border from the US to back to our home port in Canada, I realized, no matter where I am- in the middle of the ocean or a metropolis- I am in the Cloud and connected.

From my 1to1Real login screen this morning (which I shyly observed while Cirque Du Sole was trapezing around to open the conference) I Tweeted, generated an EFT to pay corporate bills, checked in on my collaborative activities with my Team on our virtual "Cooler Wall" - and overviewed reports and analytics from our latest marketing and customer service Cloud Business Coach communications. I never logged off my single dashboard, I did it all right on the same screen (including this blog post:-).

I can say now like never before, I have 100% confidence that the 1to1Real Cloud can handle any business and whatever that business may throw at it- anywhere, anytime. This, I think is pretty cool (I'd say "sick", but my 21 year old daughter who is editing this post would chastise me). When I finally put my iPad away I was amazed, not only at the acrobatics on stage- but at what my brain child could do- and I've been at this for a decade plus! I thought to myself "We could literally do this for any business owner, any CEO, or entrepreneur, any manager of any organization". The Cloud has arrived- the world has changed and we're here to be part of the new driving force of the internet!

More to come from the road - next stop Baltimore and Washington DC :-) Tim

PS: Did I mention I didn't use email even once !

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