Should you automate your marketing?

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on July 14, 2010
Category: 1to1 Connection Tips and Tools

Are you inclined to take blind leaps of faith when making important business decisions? You would think most companies wouldn't do that in a million years, but the answers are surprising.


When choosing CRM solutions, many companies do make leaps of faith. Every day a business decides on a CRM system without identifying their key products and services, analyzing their market, or thinking about how to best reach their customers.


Businesses like this think automating their sales force will automatically create qualified sales leads. Making blind leaps like this aren't the mark of a successful business, but most businesses aren't successful when they implement CRM.


Over 55% of CRM installs fail to achieve results or even go live (HBR 2001), because most businesses get caught in the technology tangle; implementing solutions that don't solve problems but instead create new ones. If the new technology doesn't talk to the all the old technology, and doesn't connect to what it should be connecting to, this "automated marketing solution" is probably failing to deliver growth.


That's why CMAEON has created the BIPED® process -good business solutions are not just about lead generation. BIPED® is about analyzing connections, gathering the content that makes a business unique, creating a single place to keep that information, connecting existing business processes and bringing everything together to create a tool that and speaks to customers in the way the customers want to hear.


The result is beyond CRM - BIPED® is a system that automates lead management and automatically creates qualified sales leads because it adapts itself to your system and how you work, not the other way around.


So take charge of your business and stop making leaps of faith. Run your business the way that's best for you, not according to a CRM system.
Tim Vasko

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