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Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on May 27, 2006
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I've not written for some time - over a month; in this blog anyway. I believe that to write something, anything, you should have something to say (see my latest 'favorite' quotes in the sidebar)! So, sporadic entries, which seem far between, are more a matter of my adherence to a rule, I believe, we should all respect. That goes for companies, individuals, and YES you spammers out there. Say what you have to say, to those, and ONLY to those, who want to hear what you have to say.

Hence the age of self discovery on the web, and the reason we are finding our information from blogs ... et. al.

So, what do I have to say today? A few things have hit me of recent - such as; I've been observing the way people tell stories at the pre-summer get togethers at friends houses. Have you noticed your friends wagging their fingers, typing in thin air, when they are engrossed in relating a story? What a commentary on the way we communicate today (of course some of us use our thumbs). Watch this summer as you are having a few cold ones, and you will discover how "plugged- in" we really are (we have been assimilated).

"Air Typing" to tell stories with passion is not the only nuance in our communication change. We've started to see those of us in our own world talking to no one. These are not simple conversations. Rather, they are long, in depth, animated conversations. Were these encounters, in another age, it would have encouraged onlookers to contact the nearest padded wagon; today we accept that they are less likely were an individual psychosis, and more likely "bluetooth-chosis" (some would argue otherwise saying this is the newest challenge - for the psychiatric community; but then again, they'd probably be typing in thin air or be talking into thin air as they were making this argument!).

With our tiny headsets now affixed to our ears, many of us hold conversations while being completely un-tethered so we can continue our multi-tasking lives. I'm not making a value judgment on how we are "connected" here, just an observation as to how we choose to connect! We communicate any where, any time, on our terms. And we are focused. So what's the point?

Markets, conversations and technology are connected forever. We have a growing network of devices and choices made possible by technology. As this summer progresses, I'll be sailing, kayaking, and thinking about this more and more; and our team will be inventing more and more ways to communicate, to share thoughts and "intelligence" through those platforms of technology we strive to deliver to the world. I'll be connected from places impossible to reach by air waves before. And yes, I'll be in my own space, on my terms, thinking about my thoughts at times unimaginable to night owls.

I'll be prepared with the technology to connect, if not the desire to post and plug in - I may or may not; it's all about FREE time in these summer months with no "R".

Perhaps that's why wise companies are serving up "ideas" that interest me, "just for me", when and where they know I'll be, based on what they now know about me (a bit of poetry in communication don't you think?).

For example, check out - the new beta release of "Just for You" gives me ideas on MY music. They know what I prefer to hear in tunes and audio books (unfortunately, my tastes reveal my age as well as my bent on the written, or in this case, the "read" word). Amazon, iTunes, HP, and other "market wise giants" know this is where the world is at and headed more toward everyday. Personal, 1to1, private (oops there's that word that could start me on a tangent) conversation marketing.

Will smaller companies stop the flashing of generic gobbledygook and filibuster type "newsletter" (which is more like "whose letter?" and who cares) intrusive, irritating, information? My prediction? Well, summer's here - I'm in my space, I'll let you know later ...

PS: I've been told to keep it short - got it, no more rambling; just the odd rant now and again, OK?

Tim Vasko

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