The future of information on the internet - word of mouth, responsible connections

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on June 09, 2010
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In today's world there is almost no need for journalists, and no need for ink on paper. This is not to say ink and paper will go away - they won't. They are great comforts, like junk food, or mom's cooking. No matter how bad it is for us, - there is something satisfying about a burger, a big fat piece of home-made chocolate cake. We'll eat it, just in moderation. And then we'll go exercise, or eat better for the rest of the week. Today, the equivalent in information is the internet, allowing us to surpass ink and paper, and the old methods that controlled the flow of information. Even if you run an ad in a beautiful magazine, or a place a newspaper announcement about a foreclosure of a real estate project, your information, and all it will touch, will end up with a web search. Information "off-line", drives more presence on-line due to the "conversation marketing" of today. This conversation is known as Twitter, Facebook, linked in and Blogging. It's the organic spread of information; person to person, through multiple channels -unrestricted and free. We live in a re-shaped information age. It is a self-discovery market; things that we think about will lead us online. Something we see in passing or hear in passing, on the web or off, will lead us to a discovery on the internet. If it is on our mind, we can now track down and find almost any information we want, and better yet, we all do this now as second nature. Awareness of information is at the most raw level of our consciousness today. Have you ever bought a car, or thought about buying a car, and noticed, all of a sudden, how many are on the road? Did they produce more of that model car because you decided that was the one you were interested in? Of course not. Awareness took care of your recognition of the cars, their colors and numbers. They were always there before. The difference is you had entered the self-discovery paradigm - a place where you were completely oblivious to the existence of information, until it became relevant to you. The self-discovery paradigm and the conversation marketing of today have created a "word of mouth for the web" that redistributes power from the media titans and put it in the hands of the people. This has not only begun to occur, it has accelerated as an unstoppable wave of human connections. paradigm shift of people who form the core of business understanding has occurred: intuitive entrepreneurs and business people who understand the new "word of mouth" system know they must have access to this rapid transmission of information because an information distribution shift has taken hold. How can we manage ourselves in this new world? How can we use that knowledge and power that we all have now so we might gain in this process? How can we get connected, stay connected and enter our Connected Market Space? The Connected Market Space is a bubble of information, word of mouth and self discovery that inevitably will encircle our lives, our businesses and our brain waves. That is what being Connected means. Being responsibly Connected - creating a space were accurate information flows between all parties informing all decisions - rests in our hands as individuals and organizations. Today, the internet resembles a city suffering from "urban sprawl" - a sprawl that continues to clutter the view of searchers and surfers. It is a traffic pattern that is gridlocked - blocking the reach for accurate and real information. In the Connected Market Space companies and people will both create and contain the sprawl. It is clear to me that we will see connections through communities that evolve into vertical sky-scrappers of technologically efficient structures, information and delivery systems within industry sectors. The thirst for a single point of contact: one that can filter, report and provide true and accurate communication, information, and enable transactions, overcome the uncertainty, the crowds, the complexity of the "results" of this sprawl of information - will begin to provide trusted, connected communities. It will be like a strong neighborhood, served by local businesses in a vertically connected global world. My team and I believe every important decision that affects lives and livelihoods, deserves a Connected Market Space with an organic Triple Bottom Line for people, presence and profits on all sides of the transaction - the buyers, the sellers and the facilitators.

Tim Vasko

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