Why you need more than IQ to manage leads

Written by : Tim Vasko | Published on July 07, 2010
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Imagine a business where a lead comes in, is entered into the CRM system and then. just sits there.


This lead, let's call her Ms. Smith, didn't come in through traditional channels, so she was routed through an employee who didn't really know how to use the CRM system; the wrong ranking was assigned to Ms. Smith, so nobody knew she was a hot lead, ready to buy, and worst yet, no salesperson was assigned. Long story short, Ms. Smith sat there, unattended until she phoned back again. Is this an unlikely nightmare situation? You may be thinking to yourself unattended leads. in my system? It's more likely than you think.


For a successful marketing or sales enterprise the focus shouldn't just be on getting leads and entering into the CRM system. If that's all a company focuses on, it will end up with a lot of cases like Ms. Smith. Proper lead management should be iQ3:


Quantity: exposure, volume of leads, and then;
Quality: making sure you know what they want, so you can talk about a product or program that is of interest to them, and then;
Qualified: leads that can and want to write a check for the product, service, solution, etc that they are looking for.

However, once a company gets iQ3 leads, they can't just sit there like Ms. Smith. They need to be managed, and there must be a process in place. CMAEON developed the patented Biped® Process to help our clients not only acquire leads, but connect to them, engage with them in a targeted conversation, covert them, and then measure how effective the whole process was.
Marketing and sales can be hard, time consuming and confusing. Adding more layers of data entry and systems that only do half the job won't help any company become successful. What does help a business bring in revenue is the ability to streamline the process - a checklist that automatically helps them complete the steps required to turn a great lead into an even better sale. The Biped® Process is that checklist and process. Interested? Let's talk.
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